Snack Tray Mango Pretzel

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Snack Tray Mango Pretzel
Snack Tray Mango Pretzel
Skip the chocolates and offer your friends and loved ones a healthy snack. They’ll love you for it! Makes the perfect gift for friends, family and corporate business.
This four-cell carousel includes soft moist mango slice, pretzels, sweet broken banana chips, mixed nuts and chips.
Gift snack tray for Year-Round and Holiday.
Each item is neatly arranged in a four-cell carousel container that’s sure to bring smiles for miles. Great food gift for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, valentines Mother’s Day or any other year-round and holiday occasion.
This snack tray makes a thoughtful offering for any occasion and the clear plastic container can even be repurposed or reused after the snacks are gone. How’s that for recycling?
Arrangement comes decorated with a purple ribbon.

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